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My Bio

Tracy Perez began working in off-Broadway theater, commercials and award-winning short films in her hometown of NYC before arriving in LA. Being a product of a culturally diverse environment, she wanted to portray an array of characters without the limitations of the same stereotypes seen in the media. With a strong desire to contribute to the diversity in film/tv, she sought projects that could expand her range and find some diamonds that would also bring social issues to light.

In her first lead in a feature drama, An Ornament of Faith (2013), she played a gay sociopath trapped in the stark fringes of Newark, NJ. She then joined the cast of the hit Hulu series, East Los High as Vanessa De La Cruz, the vengeful Queen Bee dance captain who is now learning to care for herself and others while living with HIV. East Los High was recently nominated for a Daytime Emmy in the Outstanding New Approaches Drama Series category. The Lionsgate thriller Devil May Call followed. She then joined the ensemble indie comedy, The Stockroom, set in Spanish Harlem, which premiered at the Urbanworld Film Festival last year.

This summer you can catch her on FX’s The Strain as Maria Pena and you can watch Vanessa strike again in Season 4 of East Los High.

She is repped by TCA/Jed Root.